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Add comments to Tumblr

Tumblr strangely does not have any commenting functionality built into its blogging platform which is kind of a basic requirement for any blogging platform. Thankfully, we can get across this problem using DISQUS in 3 simple steps :- 

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1) Register your tumblr site at

comments tumblr

Enter your blog information and choose a shortname. For Example, I choose techstreak for Enter your primary disqus account information (This you have to do only once. To register other blogs you can use the same primary account.)

comments tumblr

2)  Choose appropriate settings and continue.

comments tumblr

Select tumblr on install page.

comments tumblr disqus

Follow the instructions on this page. Open the blog customization page. If you are using the theme supported by disqus, you just need to use the shortname (in my case techstreak) you registered with. However if your theme does not show disqus option like mine, you will need to follow Manual Instructions. 

3) Click on Edit HTML on customization page of your blog.

comments tumblr

Copy the first snippet and insert it into correct location. For Example, I inserted the script after {/block:Posts}.

tumblr edit html

Do the same for other snippet, which I inserted before {/block:Posts}.

And it’s done. Congratulations!!

Tip: You might wanna enable people to comment using their facebook, google IDs by modifying general settings in your Disqus account.